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For Anahita contrasts are not a whim: they are born out of conviction and that is the secret of her success. Love, dedication and passion shape her work as a gallerist. For her, every artist, every new idea and every new object opens a door into another world in which there are endless things to discover.


Julia Schauenburg-Kacem has turned her passion for interiors and colours into her profession and established the company Berberlin. Together with her husband Walid, she designs and produces carpets Their philosophy is: "Enjoy the freedom and just get on  with things!"


Love of detail is what makes Beck Design's work so special. There's no cutting of corners just to get the job done – not here. The designer duo from Lake Constance supervise the production of their furniture from the initial draft design through to miniature prototypes and the final manufacturing process. We asked Silja and Norbert Beck five questions about how they work, their home and sustainability.


Anne Peter is a "hands-on" sort of person and is never happier than when she feels the soil between her fingers. This same work ethic allowed her to perfect her design of the sofa during her university studies. The communications designer, who lives with her husband in Dusseldorf, takes on anything that needs to be shaped or designed. That applies just as much to a dream home as a garden. No project is too large for Anne to work on.


Dexter, alias Felix Göppel, takes his seat on the freistil134 sofa and you can see that he has music in his blood. He is actually just like his music – extremely chilled and relaxed. Despite his success, he is a man with his feet on the ground in every sense of the word – and prefers to relax in his living room at home on his freisitl134.


kaschkasch design studio's work is known for its versatility. Herz&Blut visited kaschkasch at its Cologne studio for an interview in which the duo spoke about their design methods and revealed details of their new functional sofa 137 for freistil Rolf Benz.

Made in the
Black Forest

freistil is based out in the country. Production takes place in a small Swabian village in the heart of the legendary Black Forest, the setting for classic fairy tales and many other stories besides.