A place where diversity is a tradition.

Business stays in the family.
Julia Schauenburg-Kacem is living her dream. She has turned her passion for interiors and colors into her profession and established the company Berberlin. Together with her husband Walid, she designs and produces carpets — woven in Tunisia and Morocco for generations, they combine impressive craftsmanship and traditional patterns with unique individual designs. One thing is especially important to the two founders: they want to work with local family businesses. Without go-betweens, directly from one family to another.

Just like the freistil185 sofa, Julia's carpets are enduring and versatile companions for life. Her business model is as colorful as her everyday family life. The family’s mantra: „Enjoy the freedom and just get on with things!“

Cosy or loud - the main thing is together.
Here the freitil185 is often at the center of the action. This is where Julia relaxes, replenishes her energy, and catches up with her family to share the ups and downs of everyday life. But with three energetic kids the sofa very quickly becomes a colorful playground or the starting point for exciting adventures.

Gathering inspiration, planning the future.
Julia and her family have put down roots in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. Yet she is still open to new ideas and curious about life. There's nothing she likes more than to relax on the freistil185 and discuss the latest designs and Berberlin's future with her husband. Because one thing is clear: "standing still" is a foreign concept to Julia.

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BerBerlin is a small company from Berlin-Kreuzberg. They design, produce and select beautiful and unique rugs that are carefully handmade by amazigh women in the Atlas Mountains or from Walid's home country Tunisia. Learn more here.