Two worlds


one place.

The new lies in the difference.
Designer Buki Akomolafe walks between two cultures. In her case, Germany and Nigeria: she grew up in both places. Worlds that could not be more different, yet they come together in her fashion.

Buki founded her own label and designs sustainable fashion in which she combines European cuts with traditional West African craftsmanship. "The most exciting thing about it is how something new can emerge from the combination of two such different influences," says the Berlin resident-by-choice.

Fashion with attitude.
Uniting contradictions while living her passion. In fashion, Buki has found her language to creatively express herself and empower people. But she also wants to create awareness for sustainable clothing and therefore designs only one collection per year. She finds inspiration for it mainly in her neighborhood and her studio — or at home in her living room.

For comfort within the community. 
Buki gets a lot of input from her community. For her creative network, the freistil160 is the perfect place to enjoy quality time sharing and exchanging ideas about new ways of living together. Sustainable and thoughtful like Buki's collections, freistil also creates unique spaces with just one new sofa per year — where everyone can just be themselves, in their own individual comfort zone. Or to put it in Buki's words: "It's about finding a balance, consciously looking into things and at the same time not losing the joy of life and passion".

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