The time has come for us to express our most heartfelt appreciation to you. It’s purely thanks to you that we are able to offer freistil furniture with this most valuable and precious of natural materials:

Luckily we are not the only ones who love you. You love each other too. And so you create offspring to ensure sustainability. It is marvellous to see you grazing in the meadow, using the material we’ll later use for our furniture fabric, rubbing it against fences, exposing it to damp grass and dusty earth. This helps us to understand what exceptionally useful and hard-wearing properties you are creating.

The Danish company Kvadrat understands this too: Kvadrat uses your wool to produce fabrics of fabulous quality and reliability. And it’s this famous fabric manufacturer who has created the Hallingdal 65, Divina 3 and Divina MD wool textiles we have recently included in our collection.

We could ruminate on this for ever. Thank you for letting your bodies be the field on which this wonderful natural material grows. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be harvested, even if it results in being somewhat naked afterwards. Thank you for carrying and wearing the clothes for us. It means that each and every new wool fabric for a freistil sofa is the most elegant piece of vintage couture that you can possibly imagine. We promise to treat your wool with the care you and it deserve.

Finally, we would like to relate the tale of an extraordinarily intelligent act by one of your species, observed in Great Britain. It involved a three metre wide cattle grid, something which represents an insurmountable barrier for you sheep.

BUT ... your brothers and sisters crossed it by lying on their backs and sliding over the cattle grid. Respect, sheep, we salute you;
we roll over onto our backs and wave our legs in the air.

We remain, o esteemed sheep,
Your humble humans