4 x 4 = more sofas

Seat 90 x 70 cm

Back 90 x 25 cm

Back 70 x 25 cm


Whether you’re moving house, changing your house mates or adapting to a new lifestyle, ECHT ensures that your sofa can be used for a long time.

The modular sofa system comprises two seating elements in total and a narrow and a wider back element. Three seat cushions, two wide backrests and a narrow one create eleven changeable combinations. The elements can be freely combined with a leg construction that was specially designed in-house.

It goes without saying that “live” also stands for noticeably high-quality materials, unique comfort and timeless design. Longevity “Made in the Black Forest”, as it were.


All components of the freistil ECHT sofa, from its wooden frame to the upholstery, are delivered as a flat pack and are built using conventional tools either by the customers themselves or as part of a service provided by the dealer.

The covers can be removed, washed and re-ordered as required to cope with traces of daily life, small-scale catastrophes or changes in style. Any other part of the sofa can also be re-ordered from the re-ordering service for the next ten years at least. We at freistil ROLF BENZ accompany you and your sofa ECHT.



All parts of the ECHT sofa can be separated by material type.
The covers and fleece materials are made of recyclable material or have been recycled themselves.
Components such as spring core, covers, fleece, and wooden frame can be sorted and disposed of at your local recycling center

The foam parts of the freistil ECHT sofa consist of 100% polyurethane. They were produced in accordance with BASF’s biomass balance approach. This means that renewable raw materials made from biomass is used in its production. By using the foam, freistil ROLF BENZ is helping to reduce dependency on fossil raw materials.
Producers of the foam are currently looking into how the material can be recycled for use in an equivalent product, instead of being downcycled. By using the foam, freistil ROLF BENZ is helping to reduce dependency on fossil raw materials. The path to recyclability is an ongoing process.


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