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Design: Böttcher & Kayser
The colours shown may differ from the original samples.

freistil 133

Contrasts are the spice of life. And they add an interesting touch to furniture, because they disconcert us just a bit. This is what the new sofa freistil 133 is all about: on the one hand, you have round-belly, cuddly padding with a soft core. On the other, you have a clearly defined frame and graceful elements like skids for legs. The game of contrasts continues when it comes to comfort as well: freistil 133 is designed for sitting up straight – but it’s sitting that is as soft and comfortable as if you were all stretched out. With that in mind: have fun while letting yourself go – correctly, of course!.



/ Sofa in the widths: 182 cm, 202 cm, 222 cm and 242 cm
/ Sectional sofa (le or ri) in the widths: 155 cm, 175 cm, 195 cm and 215 cm
/ Closing chair with fixed footstool (le or ri): 112 cm and 132 cm
/ Footstool: 92 x 62 cm
/ Models can optionally be ordered with piping. Fabric piping in grey or anthracite; faux leather piping in browngrey or black.

Cushions for range

/ Headrest

Cushion for side element: 60 x 26 cm

/ Back cushion: 60 x 40 cm 

/ Flanged back cushion: 60 x 40 cm 

/ Square upholstered cushion: 35 x 35 cm

/ Oblong upholstered cushion: 54 x 27 cm

/ More cushions to be found within freistil 198

Leg version

/ Plastic tubular in the surface: matt chrome optics (standard foot)
/ Tubular steel leg: textured paint black
/ Leg: polished chrome or textured paint black
/ Tapered foot: natural oak (H98) or dark brown oak (H65)
/ Tubular frame: polished chrome
/ Sloping conical base: natural oak (H98) or dark brown oak (H65)
/ Tapered steel leg: textured paint black
/ Double round steel leg: textured paint black or pearl gold
/ Skid-square tube, textured paint black

Seat dimensions

/ Seat depth: 54 cm
/ Seat height: choice of seat height 42, 45 or 48 cm. However seat height 48 cm is only possible with the tubular steel leg, solid tapered steel leg and tapered foot oak (even sloping conical bases).


/ This range is particularly loosely upholstered, so waviness is always visible on the surface of the upholstery.
/ There are more dividing seams in leather covers than in fabric covers. Detailed information can be found in the freistil technical brochure.
/ PB models can only be coupled along the wide side
/ With modular systems, velour covers can lead to different pile alignments and therefore to different shine properties.
/ For ergonomic reasons, only the seat area of model ASS-PSZ – not the leg rest – is sprung. So if the leg rest is used as a seat it will feel much firmer.
/ ASO and ASS-PSZ models are not designed to be independent. Do not create groups consisting of two ASOs.
/ Each leg on the side of the arm section can either be fixed externally or moved inside by approx. 22 cm. Cannot be applied to the XL-EPT, PB and A-PB.


/ Certified with the symbol "Blue Angel" – The German Ecolabel.