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Design: Sebastian Herkner
The colours shown may differ from the original samples.

freistil 154

The freistil 154 coffee table is the perfect marriage of hard durable steel with gently rounded contours. Tough meets tender, yin meets yang. The slender top of this new coffee or occasional table is firmly grounded on its solid base, exuding all the inner balance of an oriental wise man after years of meditative study. But far from inducing a trance-like state, the freistil 154 shakes the senses awake with its onslaught of new and exciting impressions. 



/ Coffee table Ø 70 cm, 38 cm high
/ Coffee table Ø 43 cm, 49 cm high
/ Table top: sheet steel
/ Base frame of table: pressed steel bar welded onto tubular steel
/ Entire table powder-coated, colour options:
/ RAL 7012 Basalt grey
/ RAL 9001 Cream
/ RAL 3016 Coral red
/ RAL 9006 White aluminium


/ If selecting a model with an optional RAL colour shade, please specify the RAL number.