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Design: Anders Nørgaard
The colours shown may differ from the original samples.

freistil 149

Retro is good, but neo retro – classics with a modern twist – is even better. The chignon on a girl’s head is now a tousled bun, and tree trunks and lamp posts are adorned with hand-crocheted scarves. And so, too, the good old wing chair of our grandparents’ day has evolved with the times, making a stylish return as freistil 149. Designer Anders Nørgaard has created a contemporary sculpture guaranteed to garner attention in any home. And yet he has still preserved the prominent features of the original model: its wings. Extending enduringly into the air, they provide a sense of shelter from the environment, which is so very important these days. freistil 149 creates an oasis of tranquillity. It’s almost as if grandma and grandpa had taken out their hearing aids for a bit of peace and quiet.



/ High-backed armchair: 80 cm wide, 86 cm deep and 120 cm high
/ Footstool: 50 x 50 cm, 40 cm high

Leg version

/ Standard leg: plastic glides

Seat dimensions

/ Seat depth: 57 cm
/ Seat height: 45 cm


/ There are more dividing seams in leather covers than in fabric covers.
/ The range is only suitable for velour covers to a limited extent. The fell seams and
  piping can lead to lines in the pile.
/ Repeat and patterned fabrics cannot be processed with this range.


/ Certified with the symbol "Blue Angel" – The German Ecolabel.